The Boat

Welcome aboard MatKat!

As long as boats have been navigating waterways, their Captains have made certain there is an admirable name proudly displayed on their stern.

And so it is with MatKat – named after our one and only daughter.

Kate Marie was nick-named MatKat while on an adventure in the Grand Canyon nearly a decade ago. We were rafting the canyon on a 21 day trip and pulled our boat over to hike a slot canyon called Matkatamiba.

In Matkatamiba canyon and in nearly every part of her life, her zeal becomes contagious. She has a thirst for living, a quest for adventure, a courage to keep going, an openness to try almost anything, go almost anywhere, help almost anyone, and a heart full of hospitality, humor and warmth.

The nickname MatKat has stuck to this day. We are so proud to display her name on our stern, embracing her vibe with our charter trips.

26' Aluminum Jet Boat

POWERED BY: Twin Chevy 6 Litre Vortec Engines

DRAFT: 16"

-Comfortable seating for SIX passengers PLUS crew

-Rear drop curtain with cabin heat for those chilly mornings

-Modern electronics for navigation and safety