Captain Scott

Captain Scott ...

There is something about a river flowing that has always keyed Scott's sense of adventure. When he sees a river, he immediately thinks, “I want to be on it!” In the 1980’s Scott took his river passion and joined it with the sport of white water rafting, exploring many western U.S. rivers with family and friends. He is enticed by the history of early river communities and their use of the river, he likes the peace found in the pace of the water, he appreciates the discovery of natural beauty and wildlife and finding out what’s around the next corner.

Scott also enjoyed a successful career in the Fire Service where he spent nearly a decade working on Fire and Rescue boats on Willamette and Columbia Rivers. His river experience, rescue training and boating skills made him a valuable resource for designing and acquiring state-of-the-art jet boats for his department. Upon retirement, it was a natural decision to continue doing what he loves: boating rivers and providing the opportunity for others to experience the beauty and pleasure of boating Oregon’s Willamette River.

Scott is a life-long resident in the Willamette Valley, a US Coast Guard Certified Captain, He is an experienced EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), CPR certified as well as experienced in river-navigation and river-rescue. He is happy to chat with you along the way about what is meaningful in your adventure.

And his mate … Teresa

Being in the outdoors can offer a respite into peace and solitude, into an appreciation of things alive that we sometimes forget to notice and into a delight of color, texture, shape, and movement of all things wild and scenic. Inviting nature to nourish her soul has been one of Teresa’s long-time pleasures.

While helping foster a love of rivers and the outdoors with her and Scott’s now four grown children, Teresa also spent over a decade as an art teacher to middle and high school youth. Delving into the elements of the art world only enhanced her ability to appreciate the natural art found in the outdoors. Working with youth furthered her desire to partner with others and encourage them in their endeavors, whatever they may be. These passions steered Teresa back to school and now she works as a family therapist in Newberg.

Teresa, also a life-long resident in the Willamette Valley, joins Scott on several trips to offer an added element of hospitality to guests. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder, CPR trained and helps with minor boat operations. She invites your company and conversations along the journey.